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What's Up

Download the What's Up presentations from previous meetings (most recent at the top).

04-Jul-2013 [PDF: 779KB] Suggested Objects [PDF: 307KB] New!
07-Mar-2013 [PDF: 991KB]
07-Feb-2013 [PDF: 2.1MB]

01-Nov-2012 [PDF: 930KB]
04-Oct-2012 [PDF: 603KB]
06-Sep-2012 [PDF: 969KB]

03-Nov-2011 [PDF: 382KB]
06-Oct-2011 [PDF: 350KB]
01-Sep-2011 [PDF: 380KB]

07-Jul-2011 [PDF: 137KB]
03-Feb-2011 [PDF: 334KB]
06-Jan-2011 [PDF: 143KB]
02-Sep-2010 [PDF: 169KB]

01-Jul-2010 [PDF: 187KB]
03-Jun-2010 [PDF: 167KB]
06-May-2010 [PDF: 168KB]
01-Apr-2010 [PDF: 191KB]
04-Mar-2010 [PDF: 905KB]
04-Feb-2010 [PDF: 222KB]
07-Jan-2010 [PDF: 147KB]
03-Dec-2009 [PDF: 175KB]
05-Nov-2009 [PDF: 172KB]
03-Sep-2009 [PDF: 215KB]

02-Jul-2009 [PDF: 112KB]
04-Jun-2009 [PDF: 498KB]
07-May-2009 [PDF: 58KB]