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G.A.S Observing session with Julia’s clogs 08.02.2008

Written by Brian F.L. Gordon-States.

Just for a change a Guildford A.SA observing session actually took place up at Albury Heath. It was well supported with Mike Worsey who had brought the Society's 8" f6 Europa Dobsonian, Sheila Godwin turned up for a while with her 10x50 binoculars and two friends, John Hodder was there with his 8" f5 Dobsonian, Russell Davis with his Orion Europa 8" f6 Dobsonian. Ted Dodman with his awesome 18" f4 Obsession Dobsonian, James Gordon from Ewell A.S with his 100x25 binoculars set up on a tripod, his friend Clive with an f4 16" Dobsonian, Julia and Richard Gaudelli with an 8" Meade SCT LX90, and myself with my faithful 15x70 Revelation binoculars.

The condition were not bad, but the sky to the north and north east appeared to be lit more than on previous occasions, and to the south there was a stable with a lot more lights on than I have seen before. Ted assured me that when all the horses are in the lights go off. The first of us to arrive were there at around 1940 UT.

Throughout the evening there was much toing and froing between telescopes to view various objects across the uneven ground. Among the objects observed were M1 ( The Crab Nebula) M42, M44, M41, M67, Hyades, Mars, Saturn, M37, M36, M38, M35, NGC281, NGC457, NGC559, NGC654, NGC663, NGC884, NGC869, M31, M32, M110, M34, M52,M65, M66 and now faint Comet Holmes and the Eskimo Nebula NGC2392 (or Clown Face Nebula) up in Gemini.

The Society's 8” Dobsonian in Mike Worsey's temporary custody performed well although I though that the collimation may have been little out, and the focuser was a little bit course to fine focus. But it did give good view of most of those items listed above.

Just one little thing, is it possible to members to stick some red plastic over the boot and interior lights of their cars when on site, plays havoc with the night eyes with all those small white lights on. Oh yes, Julia had some wonderful astronomical clogs on, which she said were like marshmallow, but kept her feet warm. A great evening was had by all – let’s hope for some more for next month.