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Astrophotography - Various

Tony Questa sent these in as an example of what can be accomplished with simple equipment. Photos are copyright of Tony Questa and Julia G.

These are all taken ‘to see what might come out’ by astrophoto-beginners and all with various simple hand held digital cameras.

These are all raw images – none has been post-processed in any way.

Maybe all of that shows and these aren’t up with the state-of-the-art images that amateurs can now produce - but it shows that it’s worth a go with whatever you’ve got.

Lunar Eclipse October 2004

Images courtesy of Tony Questa.

This was taken thru 4.5” Newtonian / low power ~x40 and a simple hand held digital camera. South is at the bottom. The earth’s shadow (penumbra) is visible through the Seas of Tranquillity, Serenity, Fertility. The bright spot at about one o’clock is the crater Aristarchus and the black spot at twelve o’clock is the crater Plato.

Venus transit 8 June 2004

Images courtesy of Tony Questa.

All through 4.5” Newtonian with Baader filter / low power ~x40 and a simple hand held digital camera. The sequence shows Venus exiting the Sun’s disc. Don't look through a telescope at the sun!

The Sun in H-Alpha 5 August 2007

Images courtesy of Julia G.

Taken by member at a G-A-S party on the chance that ‘something may come out’ – something did! 40mm Coronado x40 handheld digital camera. Set for H-Alpha. Prominences clearly visible.

Click on images for larger versions.

Saturn 8 April 2007

Images courtesy of Tony Questa.

Image: Tony Questa

10” Meade SCT x200 - Simple handheld digital camera at the eyepiece. This really was an impulse shot just to see what might happen.