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John Evans' recent visit to La Palma

Sent in by John Evans (GAS President).

I'm recently back from La Palma where, at 8,000 feet, observing conditions were constantly clear and the Milky Way shone like a silver isophote chart from horizon to horizon. To balance the picture, the actual seeing wasn't that good - no better than 2 arc sec at a guess - and, on several nights, some edge was taken off the transparency by the presence of dust from the Sahara. You can see the dust just above the horizon in the pic attached. The scope is an 80mm apo by William Optics and the mount is an HEQ6; you can see the SXV-H9 CCD camera in the draw-tube of the main scope and, above it, the guidescope with the little SX guide-camera - apart from the mount of course, most of this kit is closely similar to what we have at Holmbury.