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Links to other astronomy websites

A collection of links which amateur astronomers may find useful.

N.B. These are sites that our members have recommended. Inclusion or exclusion should not be taken to have any significance, however there is a UK bias. Please email the Webmaster, , if you find a broken link.

Please feel free to send us an email, , with corrections to categories and suggestions for new links.

Link Categories

Astronomy Magazines, Newsletters and General

Astronomy - Magazines, Newsletters, general astronomical links (Last updated: October 2012)
Link and Description
Sky at Night Magazine - the world's first astronomy magazine and CD package.
Astronomy Now - monthly British magazine for a general readership
Sky and Telescope - the most popular Astronomy magazine in the world!
The Astronomer - a regular UK magazine for observers
Astronomy - monthly American magazine for a general readership
Yahoo/Science/Astronomy - Useful information source
AstroWeb - Astronomy and Astrophysics info sources
University of Alaska - Aurora Information and Images
SWARM - Hourly auroral activity reports and movies
Regulus - newsletter - a good e-zine
Salopian Web - UK Astronomy, space and computing
Sky Watch - Whats Up There? News
Social Astronomy - New astronomy social networking site

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Generally for those learning or teaching Astronomy, or just interested

Educational Links (Last updated: December 2006)
Link and Description
Bad Astronomy - Devoted to debunking astronomy myths and urban legends - entertaining as well!
University of California, Berkeley - Hands-on Universe
Amazing Space - for classroom use
Mout Wilson Observatory
Royal Greenwich Observatory - Astronomical leaflets and much more
Welcome to the Planets - California Institute of Technology Planetary information and NASA images

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Information sources for observing and telescopes

Links for observing and telescopes (Last updated: December 2006)
Link and Description
Astro Archive - A good start for information seeking
Astronomy Data Centre (ADS) NASA - Superb collection of data sources
ESO - European Space Organisation - public outreach site
Astronomy Net - SResources!
Doc G's Infomation site - A veritable mine of information
FAQ's For sci.astro newsgroup - Useful for sci.astro newsgroup
STScI Digitised Sky Survey - Highly useful star fields
All the NGC catalogue data - NGC Catalogue online
Network resources for Astronomers - On-line information sources listing
Stars family of resources - Astro and related resources about Stars
NGC-IC Project - ...and all the latest updates!

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Interesting - Serious amateur sites, varied and always interesting

Links for Serious amateurs sites (Last updated: December 2006)
Link and Description
Bill Arnett - A wide variety of interest
Brad Wallis - Astrophotography and Imaging
Christian Vestergaard - A useful portal to hundreds of European Astro Amateurs' Websites. New!
Space Archive - Good astro links
Olle Eriksson - Images and Telescope making
Loz - The Outer Limits

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Organisations and Observatories

Links for Organisations and Observatories (Last updated: December 2006)
Link and Description
SAGAS - Southern Area Group of Astronomical Societies (UK).
Webb Society - UK, Deep Sky observers
AAVSO - American Association of Variable Star Observers - international and very good
ASP - Astronomical Society of the Pacific - good merchandising
BAA - British Astronomical Association - UK Amateur's Association
FAS - Federation of Astronomical Societies - UK Parent body of Astronomical Societies
IAU - International Astronomical Union - The key worldwide astronomical organisation
IMO - International Meteor Organisation - The key worldwide meteor organisation
Keck Observatory - - Based in Hawaii
Mount Palomar Observatory - From the California Institute of Technology - superb site
RAS - Royal Astronomical Society - UK's premier Astronomical Society
Smithsonian Institution - Encyclopaedic in scope!
SPA - Society for Popular Astronomy - UK and very interesting
FTA - Foredown Tower Astronomers - Portslade, East Sussex, UK
STSI - Space Telescope Science Institute - Hubble Space Telescope (HST)
Subaru Telescope - Japan

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Images - Amateur and Professional

Links for Images - Amateur and Professional (Last updated: December 2006)
Link and Description
AAT Colour Photographs - Pix from the 3.9m Anglo-Australian Telescope
Schur's - Superb Deep-Sky images and Info.
Bell Observatory - A TP2415 fan, a great Messier gallery and more
Celestial Images - Professional, super thumbnails, sales
Chris Vedelar - Good galleries and Helpful Hints
HST Pix - Superb Hubble images
Jerry Lodriguss - Thumbnails, Info, Tech - superb!
Philip Perkins - Great thumbnailed images, very useful articles
Russ Dickman - Very nice pix indeed, useable too!
Skyhound - Well worth a looksee
Woodlands Observatory - UK CCD good and useful

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Space - Human spaceflight and satellites

Links for Space - Human spaceflight and satellites (Last updated: December 2006)
Link and Description
NASA Human Spaceflight - Shuttle missions
NASA TV - Web TV of missions
Satellite Predictions GSOC ("Heavens Above") - Satellite tracks, Iridium flares, etc
SOHO - Solar observatory>
Space Weather - Solar space weather
Latest news from NASA
Visual Satellite Observation - A good source

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Telescopes - Telescope design and techniques

Links for Telescope design and techniques (Last updated: December 2006)
Link and Description
MAPUG - a must for Meade LX200 users

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UK Commercial - Serious astronomical equipment suppliers

Links for UK Commercial - Serious astronomical equipment suppliers (Last updated: January 2008)
Link and Description
Armagh Planetarium - Armargh, NI - Planetarium, Good Sales
Astronomia - Dorking, Surrey, UK - Telescopes, Binoculars, Books, Software and Accessories
AWR Technology - Performed the upgrade of the GAS 20.5" telescope drive.
BC&F - Telescope House - Tunbridge Wells
Best Astronomy Books - Catfield, Norfolk
David Hinds - Tring, Hertfordshire
Ian King Imaging - Supplied imaging telescopes and CCD equipment for Holmbury observatory upgrade.
Optical Vision - Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
Orion Optics - Crewe, Cheshire
SCS Astro - Wellington, Somerset
South West Optics - Truro, Cornwall
True Technology - Aldermaston, Berkshire
Venturescope - Emsworth, Hampshire
Warehouse Express - Norwich (Mail Order)

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