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Speaker - David Putland (GAS member)

Sent in by David Putland

David Putland - Speaker David Putland

Dave has been interested in astronomy since he made his first telescope from his Dad’s shaving mirror when he was thirteen. Since then he’s been through an engineering apprenticeship specialising in optical instrument making, including manufacturing optics, and then a forty year plus career making and designing optical instruments and doing optical measurements including testing lenses, mirrors and complete telescopes, all at the National Physical Laboratory in Teddington. He’s still working part time and has a Zygo interferometer for testing his optics in his garage. He has a shed/small observatory in his garden and enjoys star parties with local people. He’s very keen on sidewalk astronomy and teaching scout-groups, etc, which he’s done, with others, on behalf of GAS. His latest project is an analemma for 2009 which he started in January and which is driving him mad as the sun seems to vanish at just the wrong moment!

Date Talk at GAS meeting
2 Jul 2009 TBA