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Perseids plans and Observation summary - 11-12 August 2005

Written by John Axtell, GAS Observational Coordinator 2005

11 August (posted morning of 12 August)


It was clouded out at 10 last night (11 Aug) so I opted out and am pinning my hopes on it being better tonight. This morning's Met Office forecast for Guildford looks very promising, but the BBC showed broken cloud. I'm out now for the rest of the day until late evening, so will be unable to update this message with later information. However I hope we can make it, albeit post-maximum. I suggest that, like last night, each individual makes up his/her mind, after checking the weather. Hopefully I'll see some of you at Albury later.

regards, John

Perseids and Observing report for 8 August

Well, three of us made it to Albury last night, and the seeing wasn't too bad. The Milky Way was the best I've seen it for months and both M31 and the Double Cluster were visible with the naked-eye.

During the night's observing I counted 11 meteors and John Slinn had seen a few before I arrived. Perseids accounted for 6 that I saw, the remainder were probably from one or other of the Aquarid streams, both of which peaked over the last two nights.

Predictions vary as to the Perseid peak, some resources say 17.30 hrs on 12th, others say it'll be earlier around 05.00 hrs. Let's play safe. If anyone's interested then I suggest we have a Perseid watch at Albury Heath on the evening of the 11th, with a fall back on the 12th. Bring a deck-chair, a thermos, perhaps some binos and wrap up warm. Budding musicians can bring along guitars (or whatever) if they would like to entertain the rest of us! It's probably not worth getting there much before 23.00 hrs, the Moon will not long have set and it won't be dark enough.

I'll not be organising a cascade phone-round for this, just check the weather yourself and take your own decision as to whether it's worth going. I'll leave a notice on the Observing page of the GAS web-site. In the past I believe that in the event of mist, people have migrated from Albury to Newlands Corner, so it might be worth checking both places.