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The International Year of Astronomy (IYA2009) is now finished. One of the main aims of GAS is to promote the understanding and appreciation of astronomy to a wide audience. We achieve this through an ongoing programme of public education and outreach events. In this respect IYA2009 has been a great success!

Visit our Outreach section to see what GAS did for IYA2009.

Also, if you visit this flickr site you'll be able to see some of the photographs that were taken at GAS Outreach events.

The Moon for all Mankind

For their IYA 2009 contribution the Malta committee has put an emphasis on the Moon and its exploration by robotic and manned spacecraft. They decided to create an image of the Moon composed of images taken by countries all over the world. An image of the Moon was divided into numbered segments and all of the IYA 2009 member countries were invited to take part.

The UK's Royal Astronomical Society chose the image taken at Guildford Astronomical Society's own Holmbury Observatory by members Julia Gaudelli, Tony & Pam Questa and John Axtell to represent the UK's contribution!

You can visit their home page here or enjoy the YouTube video on the right (our clip starts 3:54 into the movie and lasts 11 seconds).


Reports from our members on events that they have attended, or events that the Society has been involved with can be found here.


Old Observing Reports