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Beginners Workshops

Currently dormant, but will run again in the future. In the meantime, please contact the President, (or any member of the Committee), they will be able to put you in touch with a member who can assist.

Observing Evenings

Observing evenings are organised by the Observing Co-ordinator. These are informal observing sessions, allowing members, visitors and the general public to see the celestial delights in the company of an expert.

Members of the society have a wide variety of telescopes and these occasions are often used to showcase new telescopes. If you are thinking of buying a telescope, then these evenings under the stars offer you the chance to try out different types of telescopes and find the one that suits you best. A real 'try before you buy'!

Normally, these evenings are scheduled at the week-ends, (Friday and Saturday nights) as the majority of our members do have to work for a living, but transient events outside of these times, such as particular meteor showers, eclipses, comets and such like are also well catered for.

Observing Evenings are held in the Guildford area and at the Society's observatory.

GAS Outreach Activities

One of the main aims of G.A.S. is to promote the understanding and appreciation of astronomy to a wide audience. We achieve this through an ongoing programme of public education and outreach events.

See the new Outreach section of the website for details and news of our activities. It can be found here and on the "Related" menu on the right.

The Alert Network

The Society operates an informal telephone, e-mail and web based Alert Network which ensures that members get a timely notification of transient phenomena, such as aurorae, noctilucent clouds, comets, novae, etc. The network has been very active over the past decade, with Comet Hyakutake being the shining example; when it became visible after an extended period of cloudy weather. Members on the Network were busy observing the Comet, minutes after receiving the Alert

Other events

Members run and participate in a range of other activities, not always directly connected with astronomy. One particular favourite is the bi-annual Kelling Heath Star Party in Norfolk which a large number of members actively support.

Star party (=StarCamp!)