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About Us

OK, so the rumours ARE true... w  astronomy.

We DO astronomy as well as lovin' it. We're a very active Astronomy Society in Surrey with more than 140 members, and still growing. Our monthly meetings at the University of Surrey are lively, busy events, often packed with members and visitors.

It doesn't stop there.

We have our own observatory at Holmbury St Mary, nearly 700 feet high on a hill not far from Guildford - away from the city's lights. Inside our original dome is the John Smith Telescope - 20.5" (half-metre +) Newtonian/Cassegrain telescope, one of the largest telescopes in amateur hands in the south of England and just upgraded to the latest technology. Also, inside our new observing facility we have a smaller telescope on a computer-controlled, precision mount and equipped with a sensitive CCD camera. Using this facility in an ongoing project the society has been able to confirm the existence of an exo-planet (a planet orbiting another star).

We also have observing outings at a dark sky site near Albury. Bring your own scope if you have one - beginners are encouraged to come and look through other members' scopes to get an idea of what they might really want.

We've been going for some time - 50 years uninterrupted since the Society was founded at the dawn of the Space Age in 1955. Membership has waxed and waned over the years but for the last 20 years has been growing steadily. During that time there has always been a core membership offering stability and various trickles - and occasional floods - of new members have ensured that this has always been maintained.

Please browse our News pages. We've just refurbished the Observatory and the technology, drive, cameras, to be bang up to date. We have exciting projects lined up that will continue to keep us at the forefront of amateur astronomy in the UK. Some will involve close partnerships with our professional astronomer colleagues. Our future is very bright.

Browse our site and find out more about us - the Guildford Astronomical Society.


Take place in Lecture Theatre M, Lecture Theatre Block (Level 3), at the University of Surrey, Guildford (see here for a campus map). Meetings start at 7.30pm on the first Thursday of each month, (except August when there is no meeting). Visitors and guest are welcome. You can find full details on our Meetings page.


Our regular newsletter is called 'Skywatcher' and usually appears monthly. Back issues are available for download.


The Society is run on behalf of all members by an elected Committee. All members are eligible for membership of the Committee. Committee members are normally elected at the Annual General Meeting, and according to the rules in the Society Constitution.